Saturday, 29 September 2012

iPhone Photos by Ron

In view of the interest in phone cameras, attached are a couple taken with my iPhone5. Both are exactly as they came off the camera… I have not even cropped or resized them.
The close-up of the African violet, taken at a distance of approx 15cm, was taken outdoors in a shaded area to get it evenly lit. The colour is spot-on, but the definition is nowhere near as good as my D90 (which, admittedly cost 3 times the phone… before lenses). Resolution of this shot is 2488x3264 pixels (8MP) and depth of field is quite good.
The “panorama” is interesting. It has an aspect ration of 2.5 to 1, which I can get to with my extreme wide angle lens. It was taken by moving the viewing angle continuously, the phone automatically recognized when it needed to take another shot. It stitched three of them together without any further instruction from me and presented a final shot ready for emailing. I think if I had kept my finger on the “shutter release” it would have stretched the pano further. (resolution 2590x1088p,  3MP).
There was no problem getting the shots off the phone… PhotoShop Elements Organiser recognized the phone as a source and imported them happily as JPEG’s (even re-numbered them for me)
Hope you find these interesting

No matter what size the images are uploaded onto Blogger, they will be reduced to internet image size. 


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  1. They say the best camera, is the one you have with you. I also always have my iPhone with me wherever I go. The quality of the iPhoes are not bad.