Sunday, 28 October 2012

Orchid Show Mt Coot-tha

Elanne and I went to Mt Coot-tha today (Sunday 28th Oct) without our cameras (we were going to an exhibition by the Enamellers Guild), only to discover that there was an orchid show on. As we wandered around it I took some happy snaps with my iPhone. Some were out of focus as I naively tried to emulate the capability of my DSLR with macro lens. Some were surprisingly good. Even though taken under available fluoro lights, the colours are accurate. 

I’ve attached four of the better ones exactly as downloaded from the phone… no Photoshop, not even for cropping or sharpening. Resolution is 2448 x 3264 (8MP) JPEG’d to about 2MP file size. Thought we might have one or two flower enthusiasts in the Club who might find them interesting. 

There is another orchid show there next weekend and this time I’ll take the D90.


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