Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Kangaroo Point Redevelopment by Ron

We found an interesting new site while “playing tourist” with our English cousins
Hope the low res does not spoil these images, and viewers will excuse the fork lift in the second image. If anyone is interested I can bring in the 12MP originals for viewing next meeting.
Q. For those who know Brisbane, what is Image 1 “Internal1” and where is it?
A. It’s a shot taken inside Image 2 “Sculpture1”
Q. So where is this answer to London’s “Gherkin”?
A.      The redevelopment site of the old Kangaroo Point TAFE on the KP Cliffs. It is still under construction so you will have to crop out the odd construction vehicle
There are some great shots to be had in this stylish new feature of our skyline. Lots of highly reflective stainless steel, and, of course, the cityscape background. Elanne and I will be going back there when we have enough time to do it justice.




Saturday, 1 December 2012