Saturday, 14 June 2014

Rod's Mystery Flight

Vicki and I booked a Virgin Mystery Flight and, on the day before departure, learnt that we were going to Cairns for 3 nights.  The weather was good and instead of hiring a car chose to take 2 local tours - one to the rainforest in the hinterland just behind Cairns itself (no need to go to the Daintree) and the other a full day food & wine tour of the Atherton Tablelands. 

Too many pics taken but here is a small selection.

The huge Curtain Fig tree on southern end of Atherton tablelands - near Lake Barrine

Overlooking the coast on the way to Kuranda

Same pic as above but processed as a really old worn photo

part of the rainforest behind Cairns 

The Clohesy River Strangler Fig in the rainforest behind Cairns   
Went to a coffee plantation that kept this long unused coffee harvesting machine

An old stationary engine at De Bruys fruit winery near Mareeba


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    1. Thank you. That is a real compliment coming from you Rosalind.

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  2. Great photos, Rod, I love the old Panorama shot



  3. Isn't that curtain fig an amazing tree. Love the reflections in the water