Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Week at Caloundra

We stayed at Pacific View Resort, Moffatt Headland.  This is the Easterley view from the balcony on a misty day.  Note the tree on the left has a family of Sea Eagles nesting in the top

Looking more Southerly to the Glasshouse Mountains at Sunset

As this and the next two pics show, the resort has a tropical garden feel in the courtyard

A short walk away, this young lady and dog were enjoying
Shelley Beach

Tortured tree trunks line the walkway at Shelley Beach

We took a drive out to Kenilworth to buy some of their scrumptious cheese.  On the way we came across poor Tojo who does not look well.

Unfortunately, the barbed wire fence stopped us getting too close to Tojo

Could not resist another look at the Glasshouse Mountains from Mary Cairncroos Park on the way back to Caloundra

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