Friday, 1 August 2014

Alternate Reality Photography

After John told us about this type of art at a recent club meeting, I had a go at it. It's fun

Alternate Library

Spare Car

Chef in the Soup

Upside Down Mirror


Go on, have a go.....


  1. Quite crazy but I like the fun of it. Diane you asked what happened to my freinds who got sick on our Cruises, Well neither of the 2 mentioned as far returned to the ship eventually we heard that they had gone directly to New Zealand when recovered enough, and I have heard from them that it was traumatic, but they are ok now. Another lady and her daughter got ill too and Cambodian hospitals couldn't cope with their need for oxygen, so they were air lifted to Thailand where they spent nearly a month before being allowed to fly home and only then with an accompanying Doctor. They are fine now and say it was only because of good insurance policys tht they got such treatment.